The brilliant minds at Droplet Measurement Technologies approached me with the task of adding some branding to one of their devices, the WIBS-NEO Bioaerosol Sensor. As someone who went to art school, my first thought was “what is a bioaerosol sensor?.”
Long story short, the WIBS-NEO measures particulates in the air, to test for a variety of substances, using spectral analysis via laser beams. Lasers! Science! They had me at lasers.
My thought process revolved around creating a mark that felt technical, but not austere, and that reflected the purpose of the instrument it represents. This led me down the path of thinking of methods to represent the particulates that are being sampled and measured, which I created in a stylized form in the logotype. For the typography, I chose modern sans serifs to convey a bold presence, and played with contrast in color and weight of the type to bring to mind ideas of precision and stability.
This was my first effort for Droplet Measurement Technologies, and I am really happy with the end result. They also win for most scenic locale for an impromptu product shoot. 
The WIBS NEO device
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